When I first started to blog I intended to open my mind, and let all the ideas, brain waves or just drivel flood out over the keyboard.

I posted twice and then stopped. Many things happened in my life, which meant a blog did not take priority, and frankly I was in no mood to continue.

Since then I have been reevaluating my life, wondering where I went wrong, how I could have done things differently, what other steps I should take

And for some inexplicable reason I ended up back here.

Lets hope this time is better.



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2 responses to “Reborn…..(ish)

  1. This is the only bulletin board I have seen that still uses thumbs up or down. The popularity contest doesn’t bother me, it is the community that are afraid to trade their opinion and use the thumbs instead. Take away that voice and then they either have to explain themselves or leave it alone.

  2. happy birthday then 🙂
    good luck to attempt #2

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