E-Book sales up 54% for 2011 in United Kingdom.

Following on from my post earlier today entitled “Is Kindle The Next Stage of Literary Evolution?”

Figures have been released for publishing in the UK for 2011.

This is taken from the BBC Website*:

Digital book sales have risen by 54% in the past year and are now worth £243m to the publishing industry.

Figures released by the Publishers’ Association (PA) showed the market for e-books, downloads and online subscriptions had more than trebled since 2007, when it was worth £74m.

Digital content now accounts for 8% of the total value of book sales in 2011 – it made up 5% in 2010.

However, total book sales fell by 2%, with the market worth £3.2bn.

Physical book sales dropped 5% to £3bn, according to the PA Statistical Yearbook.

So, what can we make of it?

On the plus side, E-Book sales are up 3% on last year (although in a depressed market), in value terms it has risen 328% in four years, but this is to be expected, as the numbers of E-Readers out there has increased significantly since 2007.

For example, Amazon who makes Kindle reported a 34% increase in Kindle Sales for the 3 months to 31st march 2012.

I would imagine we may see an even higher increase for 2012 as devices are becoming more competitively priced.

Whatever happens 2012 is going to be a very interesting year for books….


*Full Article can be found here



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3 responses to “E-Book sales up 54% for 2011 in United Kingdom.

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  2. If it wasn’t for eBooks, my book sales total would heve been 5. Although I don’t have a reader myself, I’m very glad a lot of people do.

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