REVIEW: You Are A Writer (So Start ACTING Like One!) by Jeff Goins


Like most people who use, we put our views and opinions up, to exorcise our soul. It’s free therapy, we hope someone else reads our words, it influences them, changes the way they think or simply makes them smile.

For me, as I have said in earlier posts, it’s comparable to Tourette’s. A thought, word or question comes into my brain, rattles around, growing, until I have to release it. I can’t focus, think or concentrate on any other topic until I sit down at my laptop, and let my brain filter out through my fingers and when it is done, I hit publish.

At that point it is out in the big bad world, being indexed by search engines, being read by other people and more importantly judged.

That’s a scary subject, probably the scariest thing in the world for someone who likes to consider themselves creative.

imageI read a blog the other day called “How we See Ourselves” by Black Shell Diaries, which talked about a book by Jeff Goins, called “You are a Writer (So Start ACTING Like One!)”

I can count on one hand the books I have read on writing, as they seem very preachy. Some even seem to demand that only their way of writing will succeed.



I followed the link to have a look at his website, reading some articles and liked what I read.

His E-Book is available on Amazonand one feature I love about E-Books is that you can download a sample. The sample caught me, or more specifically one paragraph caught me.

On talking about leaving a legacy he said

Before we start, we sabotage our work and subvert our genius.

And How, pray tell, do we do this? With words. Subtle but serious words that kill your passion before you can pursue it. Words like “aspiring” and “wannabe”.” Words like “I wish” and “someday.”

I think we have all used those words, without a portfolio of published articles, a literary agent or recognition, we are reluctant to wear the banner of “writer.”

This is where this book is different. While it does have a section on how to go about being published in magazines and blogs, it is more about attitude than style. It is about believing in yourself, making the mental step, which will facilitate your journey to becoming a writer.

It’s a well recommended book, different in my opinion than most as it does not bash your ideas, it welcomes them, encourages them, and makes you state “I AM a writer!”

So, here it is….Are you ready?

I, Philip Deane, am a writer!

WEBSITES: – Black Shell Diaries You are a Writer (So Start ACTING like one) Jeff Goins Website



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10 responses to “REVIEW: You Are A Writer (So Start ACTING Like One!) by Jeff Goins

  1. Nice and encouraging. Thank you!

  2. I guess I’ll be buying this ebook. I wasn’t sure until I read your review.

    Hello, fellow writer. 🙂

  3. just the post i’ve been lookin for. serendipity led me to this review which is going to lead me to amazon to check this book out & purchase it for my kindle. it sounds like just what i need right now to focus my confidence. thanks for the review. very encouraging.

  4. Reblogged this on the secret keeper and commented:
    If you write and feel you create with words. would say that you are a writer. I found this post by reading a multiplicity of posts that led me to this one, The book that is reviewed feels to me to be what serendipitouslly led me to discover this book: “You Are Writr (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins. It is available on Amazon. It will become part of my collection.

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