REVIEW–Bobby’s Boy by Mark Wilson

Bobby’s Boy is the debut novel from Mark Wilson.

Bobby's BoyIt is the life story of Tom Kinsella, a young boy with the dream of being a writer.

As he grows, he lands his dream job, which is to document the tour of an up and coming rock band.

He leaves on a 2 year jaunt around the USA and Europe, documenting what he sees and hears.

The story follows his life, loves, trials and tribulations.

There are many facets to this book. It stirs a lot of emotions as you read. The characters seem real and you get you quickly start to care about them.

It has some incredibly funny scenes and some tearjerkers as well.

In a country where “Fannybaws” can be used affectionately, the language could be described as coarse, so if you are offended by bad language then it might not be the book for you.

Although I am an Irishman born and bred, I spent fifteen years of my life living in Scotland.

I left my country at the tender age of 19 to go to University in Dundee, met my wife, and after graduating we moved to Glasgow where I lived and worked for almost 11 years, before moving back to Belfast, in 2009.

So the humour takes me back to my days laughing at some of the crudest and dirtiest jokes and stories.

It’s hard to describe the style of writing. Because of the casualness of the way the story ebbs and flows, it doesn’t feel like a novel. It is more a voyeuristic read through someone’s diary, which I found really refreshing.

From a cost prospective, it is currently £1.90, which I believe is on a reduced basis, and is a bargain.

I would definitely recommend this book to others, and more importantly, I would not hesitate to buy the next one.


Amazon Site– Buy The Book here. – Mark Wilsons Blog


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