Procrastination Nation of us are fully paid members of the “Procrastination Nation”, we have ideas all day everyday of things we would like to see, do or be a part of, but we don’t. Or we might, but not today.

And so this is the problem.


I have have a cold-like thing (Refuse to admit it is a cold) for the last week and I have been so lethargic.

I go to bed each night promising myself that I will get up and do something. That may be clean, write, walk, shop or anything else, but when I wake up, all I want to do is laze about and not do anything.

I have blogged, but that is enjoyable and while uses a part of my brain, it is not as creative as writing is, not as taxing as cleaning the house or not as cold as going outside.

So I have decided to stop being a member of the Procrastination Nation and see if that feels any better.

So better go get started…..


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  1. So…what did you do?

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