If you like Fifty Shades of Grey…You’ll LOVE this…….

Come In Young Lady, welcome to Septic Peg’s Lair.

Cross my palm with Silver handcuffs and I will predict the future…

As I look into my crystal ball-gag I predict that on the back of Fifty Shades of Grey, there will be a glut of soft-core erotica published.

Most will focus on innocent girls being waylaid by a handsome man, who can induce her to a quivering wreck, by looking at her with his “stern eyes” or flashing his “six pack abs”

Or a spinster like librarian, who when she lets her hair down turns into Angelina Jolie(For the older crowd)

He will have a “Vicarious Lump” , a massive girth and it will have the line “She knew it was wrong, but felt SO Right”

He will be able push her buttons, to set her orgasms off, the way most men can tune to Sky Sports News (HD)

In real life sales in furry handcuffs and paddles with Love Hearts cut out of them will sky rocket from Ann Summers.

Origins of the Copycat

I know there are genre’s of fiction which have been copied over tine. We had Gothic Horror, Mills & Boon like romance, spy thrillers etc. But when did authors start looking at books and thinking “I know how to make a few quid! I’ll just write a copycat”

After the Da Vinci Code, it seemed every book featured the tag line “If you liked The Da Vinci Code, You will love this!”, and sometimes you fell for it, and bought it, it usually turned out to be utter pish.

Mark this space. Its when I said it, I will no doubt shamelessly link to it when I am right and copious porny books come out.

Or If I am wrong it will never see the light of day again.

But I am pretty sure I am going to be right.



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4 responses to “If you like Fifty Shades of Grey…You’ll LOVE this…….

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  2. You are right – I agree with every word and it really annoys me. It isn’t the creation or expansion of a genre it is, simply, copying another person’s idea or jumping on that proverbial bandwagon. It would matter less if the writing was better but as you say it is largely ‘utter pish’!!

    • Although in defence, it is very difficult to write a love scene without it sounding cheesy or corny.

      I tend to write a lead up, and then leave it to the imagination, as the flirtatious conversation, the gentle touches can be done, but I just cannot write the nitty gritty without it being cringeworthy.

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