Feeling Good….


Well It’s The Weekend….

That is usually enough for some people to feel pretty darn good.

But that’s not why I am happy. The day of the week, time or the suns position in Venus has little bearing on my mind right now.

I took a big step the other day. I had been in contact with another writer who offered to beta read for me. This in itself is a reason to rejoice.

But my step was to send out the first few chapters of my book. The book is still in draft mode, but I have been having a crash of confidence recently, and was wondering if it was any good.


When you spend a lot of time invested in characters, trying to make them human, trying to create a figure that people will care about, you worry, do they only matter to me? will other people think they are idiots?

I have read some books which has characters that I would recognize in the street. They are so ingrained on my mind that I feel I know them.

He was kind enough to read it and in the last few days, sent me his thoughts. (I hope he doesn’t mind me blogging about it, but I am in the house on my own, and no one else to talk to just now, other than my keyboard! So if you do, Sorry!)

The first paragraph, stated quite clearly that he gave people the brutal truth, rather than tell them what they wanted to know. (Oh Dear!) (Not that I don’t want the truth, I do!, but if its bad at least let me down gently!)

The next paragraph had me doing a lap of honour around my house(literally). It said “What you have here are the foundations for one fantastic book” (WOW And yes I know that foundations only means potential)

Before I sent it out, I almost included a list of points that may need revision.I think to almost let him know, “I know what the issues are.” But decided not too. I did not want to influence him.

His feedback points, confirmed what I thought. The majority of his points would have virtually been word for word what I would have written.

Now I am under NO delusions that I have a lot of work to do. The books needs a LOT of work. I need to work the plot, the characters and the storyline until it is perfect. And I know that it could all come crashing down around me.

And I know one positive review does not make a good book.

BUT this proves to me a number of things:

  1. I AM a Writer (as I stated in my earlier post) – I just have to prove it now.
  2. I have a Voice, I actually have a voice. It might not be the best voice in the world. I might need to train it, work out the kinks, but I do have one!
  3. I need to get writing – I will not sacrifice or write one word without purpose. I will not think “It will do” When I am done it will not be possible to make it any better.

Anyway, shameless trumpet blowing over.



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