Writing: What do you listen too?


When you settle down to pen your novel, write a poem, or fire out flash fiction, do you sit in monastic silence or bop away to some tunes?

I think I would be surprised if anyone watched TV or a movie. Your eyes constantly being drawn to a screen (That isn’t your computer) must be distracting!


For me,  I listen to Absolute Radio 60’s. I am only 35, but I have always had a fascination with music in the 1960’s(As can be seen in my previous post). It had structure, rhythm and some powerful voices belting out a tune.

From the gruff melody of MoTown and Northern Soul, to wonderful harmony of Simon & Garfunkel and The Righteous Brothers to the start of Rock with The Beatles, The Doors and The Who, it is music which raised a generation to be different.

Almost every song is familiar, which in some parts, is the appeal. When I am writing, I am sucked into my world. I watch what happens in my head and type out the details, not exactly knowing where it is going, but enjoying the journey.

Music, or chatter which is not familiar pulls me out of my world. And I am not ready to leave yet.

Some songs pull me out regardless. The initial chords of “Don’t Let me Down”, or the falsetto of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, pull me out temporarily, but propel me back in with greater speed, the rhythm of the song forcing my hands quicker or slower in time with the song.

What do you listen to when you write? Does music do it for you? Or is it a distraction?



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4 responses to “Writing: What do you listen too?

  1. Great question! I like symphonic music while I write. Sometimes, a good movie soundtrack; especially when I’m writing adventure gets the juices flowing.

  2. I listen to sounds of nature.

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