Complaining–Or How to Make your Son Smile


My son asked if he could have his last lollipop. Being the responsible father I said he could have it after he had his homework all done.


He finished it in lightning speed and then ran through to get his lolly.


Defective LollyUnfortunately this is what he saw. The lolly was somehow defective. What should have been the lolly was made of pulped paper.

He was NOT impressed as you can imagine. I tried to console him, but considering it was the last one, I didn’t have a replacement.


He was on his way to throw it in the bin, when I told him not too.

I am not much of a complainer and understand mistakes happen. But I felt since he was so upset it warranted a quick email to the company. I wouldn’t even say the email was complaining that much. I had concerns that the lollipop could somehow of been contaminated.

So I snapped a picture, and sent off a quick email.


I got a prompt reply the next day, asking if I would return it for investigations.

They sent an envelope out to me and I returned it back to them.


A Strange PackageWell yesterday I was sitting writing, the door knocked, and looking through the window, I saw the familiar red jacket of Royal Mail.

I opened it and got handed this box:



Now, I am quite a curious sort, but looking at the franking mark, I knew who it was from, and more likely what it contained. He was due back from school in an hour, so I decided to wait.

An hour when your looking at a box filled with goodies seems to take a long time, but I waited anyway.



A Happy BoyFinally he was back, so we decided to open it up. He snipped the ribbons and opened the box. He then figured out what the contents might be!

I am glad to say the upset boy seemed happier.





And he smiled even more when he opened the box.

A Box of Goodies

The moral of the tale? I suppose it pays to complain every now and then. as I said I am normally not a complainer, I am not the person who demands compensation when my cable goes off because there is a fault somewhere. These things happen, I can do without TV for a while.

But when there are justified reasons and it is warranted, it can’t do any harm to let them know.

You might even become Hero dad for a day.



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6 responses to “Complaining–Or How to Make your Son Smile

  1. Brilliant Phil. Put a big smile on my face this morning with this blog. Lucky laddie.

  2. Reblogged this on Paddy's Daddy and commented:
    A triumph over the confectioners. My kind of tale

  3. Smiles with my coffee. Thanks.

  4. kim stroud

    Alec Rankin, the ice cream man that used to come round babylon taught me how to complain, he made me write a letter to Bon Accord about a bottle of “ginger”, the lid was too tight and had broken the glass top. result….a full case of ginger and a very happy 10 year old girl

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