Routine–Or How to Annoy Your Wife via the Internet

I try as best to have a routine.

Sadly being out of work, means I have a lot of free time, or potential free time. But I try and utilize my free time as best as i can.

My week day during the week normally consists of:

  • 8:40 Get all kids off to school
  • 8:40-10:00 Search Job sites, apply for any I see. Make any calls required to aid looking for work etc.
  • 10:00-11:00 Try to update my blog, read any new interesting blog pieces.
  • 11:00-15:00 Write, Edit
  • 15:00-16:15 School Homework
  • 16:15 Make Dinner

Now, all times are subject to change depending on what happens. If I need to go out for something like an interview, or simply things need done around the house, or someone comes visiting. But as best as possible I try and stick to my routine.

Why? Because it seems to work for me. Writing for about 4 hours, if I am drafting, will get me to the region of 3-4000 words. If I am editing, I should get a few chapters reworked, edited, or all those blasted comma’s I seem to litter everywhere deleted.

After four hours, I am pretty mentally tired. I am ready for a break from it. Now, I might head back, and see how it goes later, but generally when the kids are about or my wife is here I tend not to try, as I find it difficult to “Get in the zone”. So I don’t normally write much at the weekend, I still try and update my blog, but leave my book alone.

But when someone is around, like today (wife is off work), she is clattering, banging, tidying and my head finds it difficult to focus. I can’t really think of anything else and can’t concentrate.

Not that it is unnecessary noise. She is cleaning and tidying up, which is great. While she thinks I am just a lazy sod, I prefer to think we are on different cleanliness levels. So I am eternally grateful whatever she does.

And it’s not that I don’t like her being here. I do! Its just that you get used to your own noise, your own silence and when it is disturbed it is unsettling.

When you are concentrating on something and an alien sound is heard, it feels a little like when you are watching TV and you hear a sound, and think someone is breaking in. It’s unsettling.

And yes, she does follow this blog, so no doubt will read this about half an hour after I posted it and then hopefully quieten down a bit, or get annoyed, but its in the lap of the gods which will happen.

I know where my money is.



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2 responses to “Routine–Or How to Annoy Your Wife via the Internet

  1. Hi honey!
    Didn’t read this until several hours after my “banging and clattering”. Hope I’ve not distracted you too much today. As Amy Gardener says to Josh Lyman, “don’t talk to me!” 😉
    Love you

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