Waterstone’s to Sell E-books (and Kindle’s)


I mentioned it in a previous blog called “Can Bookshops beat Amazon at their own game?” and it seems to be coming quasi true.

Waterstone’s (UK’s biggest Bookshop chain) announced a deal with Amazon. The deal consists of Waterstone’s having Kindle’s for sale, along with Wi-Fi Areas for downloading and browsing.

Although I stated that bookshops could take on Amazon, this deal is good for both companies.

The Details


  • UKs biggest Bookseller
  • Waterstone’s has 300 stores UK wide.
  • There will be areas for purchasing Kindle
  • Wi-Fi area available to hook up kindle.
  • Waterstone’s Exclusive Deals available.
  • New Coffee shops

All in all a smart move for Waterstone’s. They are trying to fend off the Amazon glut on the market.

With smartphone users, able to scan books into their Amazon App , searching Amazon for cheaper prices, they needed to do something.

And I think this is certainly an advantage of Kindle users. It gives them the comfort of being able to browse a bookshop, check the covers and blurbs, then download them for their kindle.


I do wonder:

What the pricing structure will be?

Will it be slightly higher than Amazon? They will want to be making a cut somewhere, or will Amazon throw them a cut of their take?

How will self published authors be treated?

I imagine they will have books and beside a notice to say it is available for Kindle as well. So will they be able to focus on digital releases?


Either way it is a big step forward for E-Readers. And further recognition of the impact they are making to the market.



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2 responses to “Waterstone’s to Sell E-books (and Kindle’s)

  1. This can only be a good thing for indie authors. I think the biggest difference we’ll see is perhaps more opportunities for pod books on the shelves

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