REVIEW: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (MOVIE)


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo PosterI watched this last night. It was the US version, rather than the Swedish version.

I read the books recently and loved them. I thought they were among the best books I have read in a long time.

I wanted to discover if the hype of the movie lived up to the frenzy that was created by the book.




Now it should be pointed out that I am a HARSH critic of movies, unless it blows me away I don’t like it.

I can go through an entire year and only see a few movies I actually like (I think 3 or 4 is my record)

Anyway, onto the review…

SPOILER ALERT…… (Don’t blame me if you read further)

The movie is decidedly average.

Some of the casting was good, Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist is actually not bad in the main role, and Rooney Mara plays Lisbeth Salander very well.(although as I read the books, I had in my head she looked more like Emma Watson)

The casting of Goran Visnjic as Dragan Armansky suited. In the Swedish version he (sorry if this sounds racist) looks too white, I had him pictured with a foreign look (like Goran)

Christopher Plummer as Henrik Vanger was a touch of genius, however after watching it, I was left feeling very flat.

The characters have little depth, the movie goes through the story at a breakneck speed, meaning that if you had not read the book, you would not understand or know what was going on.

The bridge in the US version, looks more like I had imagined than the Swedish version and the Vanger house looked more appropriate (It was too big in the Swedish version)

The subtle change of lighting when Salander changed into her Alter Ego, from a warm light as her alter ego to a cold light when she was Salander worked very well.

From reading above, you will see I am scraping the bottom of the barrel finding things I liked about it.

I think I might have been generous in saying it was decidedly average, as if I had not read the books, I think I might have turned it off.

The movie took some big liberties with the storyline. While I can understand leaving out certain parts (Blomkvist’s affair with Cecilia Vanger), and even adding in different bits (How Salander was there when Martin died) but, why did they change the sisters around at the end?

I didn’t think there was a need for this. The story in the book seemed to be much more fitting, although even I thought, when I read them, “We’re going to Australia?”

When I add all the positives and negatives up, I come up with a movie which is just verging on “OK”

So, my score for this movie would be 4/10. How IMDB got a score of 8, I will never know.

And I think I am being generous.



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3 responses to “REVIEW: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (MOVIE)

  1. Liked the books. My lazy-man’s plan is to watch both versions of the movie, back-to-back. Popcorn night.

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