Inspiration in a Cactus…

Just before the jubilee break, my son was given a practical homework, which would/should keep him busy over the long weekend.

His project was to build either a plant, tree or flower.

He could use any materials he would like and it was due in Today!

Now he has never really been the type of person who got excited about school. He feel books are boring (although that is slowly changing hopefully!) and would rather be playing the Nintendo Wii or watching TV.

My wife and I have been trying to get him enthused about things. Hoping that by showing him how fun non electronic things can be, that he would start to enjoy them more.

We talked about his project, to see his ideas. He came up with play dough, although we agreed that it may not be able to hold up well enough to be a tree or flower.

I suggested we go hunting in the woods, and get a thick branch, which he could decorate, adding the leaves, to make it look like a small tree.

I will be the first to admit, when it comes to arty farty things I am a waste of space. I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, so trying to create something is not an idea I relish.

Lego DaisyHe came up with building a flower with Lego, and set about seeing what he could put together.

About an hour later, he came with with this. which I told him looked very good, however it might not look like it took a week to complete. And it might be viewed like he had quickly built something, and then taken the rest of the time off.

After a little tussle he came to the same conclusion, and when his mother was home (thank god) she came up with the idea of using Paper Mache to build a cactus.

At this point I had to step away. I can be a liability with arts and crafts!

1st AttemptBut she worked with him, using balloons, cardboard and sticky tape and at the end of day 1 the frame was complete

After that he was on a Paper Mache mission, adding layer upon layer on until it was a solid structure.

Painting was next, it needed at least 4 coats, so it was spaced out over a few days, until last night it was finally ready.

And here is the finished article.

Finished CactusCactus

I carried it to school with him, pointing out all the people who stopped to look, smile, and say “wow”.

He seemed quite chuffed, so I left him at school and came home to wait to see what the reactions will be…..

UPDATE: 4:15pm

No Result Yet! Might not be until Monday to see how he has done.

I will post with an update when I get it!


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