Fifty Shades of Grey–More records broken in UK

Fifty Shades of Grey has broken even more records in the UK.

Last week it sold 205,30 copies.

The sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed sold 132,174 copies and 115,086 copies respectively.

In total, £1.93 million was spent on 452,390 copies of the trilogy – more than was spent on the next 50 bestselling paperback novels of the week combined.

So what is it that is making this book so popular?

Branded “mommy” porn, it tells the story of wealthy business man (and part time sadist) Christian Grey, taking young and innocent Anastasia Steele on a whirlwind trip through erotic encounters, with the proverbial whips, chains and Bunsen burners.

I have to admit, I had a read a bit of the first book to see what the fuss was about.

I got as far as chapter ten before I switched off, moving on to something that was more appealing to me.

Women on the other hand seem to be flocking to this book. Many reviewers have not been kind, referring to the many instances of “Inner Goddess” or the fact Anastasia seems to “Shatter” in orgasm at the drop of a bullwhip, but it is not putting off the fans.

In the UK alone, E.L James has sold 765,000 copies within the first two months, along with 15 million copies in US and Canada.

Even working on £1 per book in commission, she is a wealthy woman.

The comparisons are being drawn to The DaVinci Code, another title which critics were not favourable about.

So who is right? Are critics making a mistake? Or are we preferring dumbed down books?

At a quick glance at the best selling kindle books in the UK, there are two erotic collections in the top 10. And the Fifty Shades Trilogy have been propping up the top 3 positions in the paid books for weeks now.

As I said in my previous post(If You LOVE Fifty Shades of Grey, You will Love this), there is going to be a glut of porn books for women.

Will it be an age defining book? Will we see a change in attitude?

Who knows! But I know what most men will be thinking….



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5 responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey–More records broken in UK

  1. You know, I may be wrong, but it seems that there is something unnoticed going on. Men are more stimulated visually, and women with other senses -smell, touch, and fantasy. While men are castigated for liking to look at women with, and particularly without, clothes, if something much more erotic, and some might argue pornographic, is in a book form, then it’s acceptable. If a bunch of men got together and talked about the latest Penthouse magazine, they would be called pigs. But if women read about things much worse, they can have book group discussions about it, and it makes the evening news. I’m not sure if this double standard is good or not, but I too was wishing for at least a better written book to inspire this craze.

    • The double standard has been around for many years.

      Women have Ann Summers parties, where they can buy things, sex toys and god knows what else.

      If men swap a DVD with each other then suddenly they are perverts.

      Double Standards have always been like that. And I would imagine always will be.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. HAHA, it’s pretty scary that 50 shades of grey is turning out to be such a mega hit. :/ And yup haha I’m totally dreading the Grey babies xD

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