What does Christian Grey Look like? – Obsession Part 2

Following on from my last post ( Obsession–Good or bad? Creative or Destructive? ) I thought I would just post briefly on a post I saw a week or so ago.

I guess it just goes to show what I wrote in “If you like Fifty Shades of Grey…You’ll LOVE this…….” is slowly becoming true.

Anyway, on to the reason I am here…….



Dr Faye Skelton, is a  university lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire. According to her profile she got her BSc in 2000, which probably makes her about 35.

She lectures in Psychology, specializing in the EvoFIT facial profiling system. This enables police forces to help victims and witnesses to identify and create composite pictures which would be circulating hopefully leading to successful prosecutions.

The University of Central Lancashire apparently excels in photo fit technology, with Dr Skelton very much involved.

Obviously not having too much work on recently she decided to create a photo fit of Christian Grey.

Although she describes this as “a bit of fun”, the irony abounds.

Someone who supposedly understands the brain, is that obsessed with a character in a  book that she needs a police photo fit of him?

So How did she do it?

Dr Skelton, rounded up a twelve women and asked them to describe what they thought Christian Grey looked like, and then pieced it together to make the following photo fit:


Taking out the fact she is abusing her position to further her obsession, a couple of questions come to my mind:

If women obsess over the picture,

Will women start being attracted to photo fits in real life?

Will Crimewatch figures soar?

Will the world be populated by bank robbers?

So, if you see the above man in the street, please DO NOT APPROACH HIM!. He is liable to be armed with various whips, chains and Bunsen Burners, and isn’t afraid to use them.

He will take your Inner Goddess captive, and shatter it to a million pieces, because he is Like so freaking Hot!

Please Sleep well, Don’t have nightmares……



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2 responses to “What does Christian Grey Look like? – Obsession Part 2

  1. Oh my goodness. This post made me laugh so hard! The picture is terrible.

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