Summer is Over(Almost)- Autumnal is Inspiring.

Well folks, that was it. Summer is almost over. Did you have a good sunny hot one? I didn’t (Boo Hiss!)

Coming around the corner is Autumn (September 22nd) and when it does show its face we will officially be Autumnal once more.

Autumnal is probably my current favourite word in the English Language. Not only because it conjures up images of walking through the park, kicking the golden leaves, or because you wrap up semi warm and are grateful for a warm bowl of soup when you come home.

But simply because it sounds good. AU-TUM-NAL, has a certain sound, which catches my eye (and ear).

Words play a funny trick on us. Onomatopoeia is another. (Words that sound like they are). Splash, ding, slither, sizzle or plop.

Or just strange unusual words:

Canoodle – Hugging and kissing

Discombobulate – To confuse someone.

Kerfuffle – A mild scandal, commotion or fuss.

Rambunctious – Uncontrollably excitable or exuberant.

Shenanigan – Silly behaviour.

Words are great, or if you want another word: stupendous, astonishing, astounding, fabulous, fantastic, marvellous, miraculous, monumental, overwhelming, phenomenal,  staggering, stunning, tremendous, wondrous.

Words are what make us, we use them to describe how our day was, how happy or sad we are feeling, how interested or bored we are.

It’s time to start using words again. Its time to dust off those keyboards or pens and use them. Tell stories, tell jokes, scare, arouse or interest people, with the words we use.

I will leave the last word up to Sir Walter Scott (Not, as many think, Shakespeare)

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!Sir Walter Scott, Marmion, Canto vi. Stanza 17.



*(Pic stolen, abducted, appropriated, bagged, diverted, embezzled, filched, hijacked, kept, kidnapped, lifted, misappropriated, pinched, plagiarized, poached, purloined, ripped off, robbed, sacked, shanghaied, snatched, swiped from here. Copyright Albert Bridge)



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2 responses to “Summer is Over(Almost)- Autumnal is Inspiring.

  1. Autumnal IS a cool sounding word.

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