Words Are What Makes Us… A Coincidence


(Pic Credited to Kate Forrester)

A couple of things happened this morning, which is leading me to write this.

First of all, I got up this morning, and was working on editing my book. Editing is something that I do not enjoy. I enjoy writing, telling stories, entertaining myself (and hopefully others) with my words.

Editing is making sure there is a comma in the right place (with me, they never are), making sure were, where and wear are in the right spot (guilty), putting a full stop at the end of a single line of dialogue (Lock me up now!).

I got to a bit that I remembered writing. It was a sad reflective chapter and I was in fits of tears when I wrote it. I am a new writer, is that normal?

Anyway, I re-read it, and lo and behold I was blubbing again by the end of it. I had to stop and get a tissue as my nose was running like a fountain. (luckily enough my wife is still is bed, I would imagine she would think me weird)

I battled through the chapter, edited it as much as I could and then took a break.

Hearing the postman, I went and found a letter from a new penfriend (Yes I am that sad, I send normal snail mail letters, even using a fountain pen to do it!)

In it she said she read my blog, and specifically my penultimate post. (Summer is Over(Almost)- Autumnal is Inspiring.)

She liked the phrase “Words are What Make us

And I thought back to what I had just read, how it made me cry (again), and thought, that was a hell of a coincidence.

Don’t you agree?



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5 responses to “Words Are What Makes Us… A Coincidence

  1. I do not enjoy editing either, but it is an inevitable evil for writers. I found that there are parts that I re-read in my books as well that make me tear up, but I just take that as a good sign that I put my feelings into words so that others could feel the same thing. Keep up the writing! 🙂

  2. Oh, and I truly believe snail mail is the best! Nothing can compare…

  3. Actually, I quit thinking of coincidences as being coincidental a very long time ago. At this point in my life, when I think of something as a coincidence, it just means I’m not seeing the bigger picture. Good post – thank you.

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