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Photo 26-02-2013 16 06 49I really like fountain pens. I would go as far as to say I LOVE fountain pens.

I love how they write, how they look and how they feel in the hand.

They have changed my writing experience immensely.


Now, I don’t always use my laptop, sometimes i just sit with a notebook and pen, and let my mind wander.


And that is what I did today…..


There are lots of reasons why I prefer fountain pens over ballpoints, here are just a few:

1. It is easier to write with a fountain pen than a ball point.  – It takes less strength in your hand, so you can write for longer in more comfort.

2. You are not restricted to Black or Blue. – There are hundreds, if not thousands of colours to choose from. Even with my limited collection, I have 4 purples!, all different shades with different properties.

3. Seeing the ink go on the page wet, seeing the ink merge with the page is a very nice sight. I never grow tired of a nice juicy wet pen.

4. You can produce some striking writing with a fountain pen, that a ball point simply cannot. (I am working on improving my handwriting)


I had sent off a Parker Slimfold pen (circa 1960, yes that’s right, a 50 year old pen!), for a but if a tune up. And when it arrived back, I wanted to take it for a spin.


lie_de_theI loaded it up with J. Herbin “Lie de The” (Literal translation is “Dregs of Tea”), a wonderful brown colour, which just flows onto a page with ease.




Well, the first page was just scribbles, checking the nib for smoothness, seeing how it felt in my hand again. Then I decided to test it out on different types of paper.

Many times, I just start writing words, which form into sentences and I read along as my brain takes my fingers on a merry dance.

I have had a few stories buzzing around my head, and one popped out slightly when I was testing this pen.

I will post the pics so you can have a look, but have to issue the following warning!

1. My writing is bad, even when I am trying to make it good.

2. My brain and fingers have a limited spellcheck

3. I had no intention on sharing until the third page (it gets a bit neater then)


Anyway, First up is the crown in any fountain pen users paper collection. The Rhodia pad.  It really is the best paper out there.



And after this comes a Blue/Green cheap (But good with pens) Airmail pad I have been known to use…..




And lastly, some Q- Connect Bank paper. Only 56GSM, but surprisingly good and light (great for airmail)…..




And this was me just sitting down for 15 minutes to test a pen.


I am not totally sure the point of this post.


It might be to sell the virtues of the fountain pen…..

It might be to show people my idea….

It could even be an attempt to merge old and new technology into one creative space…..

Or, I could just have wanted to talk about pens today Smile



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6 responses to “Creativity–Old School

  1. I absolutely share the love. Just holding a fountain pen and a beautifully crafted notebook is an experience that no laptop will ever give me.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I am a relatively new convert to the fountain pen world. But when I was completing NaNoWriMo, sat looking at an empty laptop, I pulled out a pad and pen, and started to write.

      It just seemed to flow so much easier. Obviously for a final draft a laptop and typed copy is essential, but for a draft, you can’t beat the old school feeling of a pen.

      • I believe that it has to do with our kinestetic sense.Touching a pen and paper connects our mind to the very thing we are thinking about. It is real vs virtual. I have the same with whiteboards, you need the physical movement to really think out loud. A keyboard doesn’t do this. Enjoy!

  2. I had to laugh when I saw your post about this on FPN yesterday, we must have both been writing stories at exactly the same time. For me a new experience on Rhodia paper with a pen that is going on its holidays today to get tuned up.

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