I love a good rant. But when the topic is so right, it makes it all the more wonderful.

Maybe if people realised what all their tax money paid for, including killing and maiming people in other countries, they would stop leaning on people who are down on their luck, and start to ask proper questions.

the life of a moomin

“This Morning” is a British breakfast programme with celebrity gossip, fashion, cooking and some debate of current affairs. Today they’re featuring a benefit claimant who says she’d never consider getting a job because she gets £70k worth of benefits – propaganda on “This Morning”‘s part as she gets THE EQUIVALENT of £70k, apparently she’s getting her daughter’s tuition fees paid for (I didn’t even think they did that) and that’s included, which will presumably take it up by £9k a year for three years. Anyway, cue the regular comments about everyone on benefits being subservient to taxpayers and completely inferior and all being workshy layabouts. I wrote and posted this, both on the status (it’s on Facebook) and on the page itself, and the comments are mysteriously vanishing – I wonder why? However, please read this, and share it as much as you can – on Facebook, or wherever. People…

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