My Book is being Edited…. And the Editor is…..


The editing of my book is underway…..


It was a tough decision who to pick to edit the book.

I narrowed it down to two editors, based on personal recommendation, and agreement they would edit a small sample, so I could see how they work.

I sent it along to both of them, and waited for it to come back.

The standard of work from both, was of a super high standard.

I sent the first two chapters, both of which I had been over and over and over, so as far as I was concerned they were perfect.


But, I am not an editor, and there is a good reason for that, both pointed out many small errors (Capitalisation, grammar and punctuation). None of which I had spotted when I was checking it.

There were a few small differences between them, but I really couldn’t discern which was better as they were both so good.

Eventually my decision was on who I felt worked well with my style. And while both of them improved the text, I felt that one just made it slightly easier on the eye, and made it flow better.

That person was Steph Dagg. Her website is called Edit-My-Book and you can find it here. And her Twitter feed here.

Steph started working on my book just over a week ago, and hopefully it will be back for revisions within the next few weeks.


So that’s all I have to say, so Steph, Thank you for agreeing to edit my book. I am sure you are going do a great job!


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