My Book is Finished–An Emotional Rollercoaster.


Well, I am feeling kind of emotional right now.

I just completed the final draft of my book and am about to send it off to be edited.

This book has been on-going since November 2011, and has gone through four different drafts.

An emotional rollercoaster is an understatement.

I have laughed and cried. And even just today, I started laughing while I was crying.



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I love a good rant. But when the topic is so right, it makes it all the more wonderful.

Maybe if people realised what all their tax money paid for, including killing and maiming people in other countries, they would stop leaning on people who are down on their luck, and start to ask proper questions.

the life of a moomin

“This Morning” is a British breakfast programme with celebrity gossip, fashion, cooking and some debate of current affairs. Today they’re featuring a benefit claimant who says she’d never consider getting a job because she gets £70k worth of benefits – propaganda on “This Morning”‘s part as she gets THE EQUIVALENT of £70k, apparently she’s getting her daughter’s tuition fees paid for (I didn’t even think they did that) and that’s included, which will presumably take it up by £9k a year for three years. Anyway, cue the regular comments about everyone on benefits being subservient to taxpayers and completely inferior and all being workshy layabouts. I wrote and posted this, both on the status (it’s on Facebook) and on the page itself, and the comments are mysteriously vanishing – I wonder why? However, please read this, and share it as much as you can – on Facebook, or wherever. People…

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Creativity–Old School


Photo 26-02-2013 16 06 49I really like fountain pens. I would go as far as to say I LOVE fountain pens.

I love how they write, how they look and how they feel in the hand.

They have changed my writing experience immensely.


Now, I don’t always use my laptop, sometimes i just sit with a notebook and pen, and let my mind wander.


And that is what I did today…..

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New James Bond Novel Out in September



Just a quick Post!

I just saw the new James Bond novel is out in the UK on the 26th September.

It is being written, by request of the Fleming estate, by William Boyd.

It is going to be set in 1969, and feature a 45 year old bond.



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“Libraries are Doomed!” – Oh Deary, Deary, Deary.




Terry Deary, the author of the Horrible Histories books has come out and said Libraries are no longer needed.

No, seriously….an AUTHOR…who is saying we no longer need libraries!!


This is what he said:

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Has Roald Dahl become Roald Dull for children?





When I think back back to being a child, the one thing that always brings a smile to my face is Roald Dahl.

From whizzbangers to everlasting gobbstoppers. from snozzcumbers to bellypoppers, he took my childhood and turned it into a magical place.

A place where good giants blew dreams into your bedroom windows and saved you from nasty giants which would gobble you up.

Factories that created fantastical sweets filled with a new race of small people who sang songs as they worked. Witches who ran sweet shops, and children who were smarter and quicker than the “big” people that were out to get them.

But a recent survey has shown that Roald Dahl is no longer one of the favourite authors, with children favouring Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Vampires.

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Agatha Christie–Coincidence or an Inside Joke?


Agatha-Christie-Typewriter-Pin-Very-Few-of-Us-are-What-We-Seem-276x310I could not find a way of re-blogging this article in The Guardian, so I have blatantly copied and pasted it below.

It concerns an Investigation by MI5 into Agatha Christie’s 1941 novel, as she named one of her characters “Bletchley”, potentially after the code breaking centre Bletchley Park.



But was it a simple coincidence as Christie professed?

Or was it a part of some inside joke?


Have a read, and see what you think.


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