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Friday Feeling….


keep-writing-with-friday-feelingI seem to have woken up this morning (late morning) with that Friday feeling, I am not sure why necessarily, it could be I got a good nights sleep, or simply I am not working today (That’s real work, not writing work)




But I do get to spend the rest of the day hopefully finishing the revisions to my book, and get it back to my editor.

On that note, I really need to express thanks to Stephanie Dagg, who is editing the book. She really is making the difference to the quality and flow of the book.

When I sent it to her, I thought it was pretty tight. I had worked hard on the grammar (not my strong suit), and spelling, and in a way, kind of hoped she would send it back and tell it was perfect the way it was.

Not that I mind revisions, or that I find criticism hard to take, but I wanted to see how good I was.

Well good news, is that there were not that many spelling errors (Thanks F7!), but the grammar was obviously pretty bad!

After I fixed all the issues, and worked through the revisions (not too many thankfully), and I am reading it back, it now seems to flow so much better. I hate it when you are reading a book, and then you think

“Whoa, hold on a minute, what did that say?”

And then you scan back up to re-read a passage to make sure you know exactly what is going on.

Well, with her work, I have not found myself doing that at all, it seems to flow nicely, the language is tightened, and the extra “fluff” bits have been removed.

And although it still needs to go through a final proofread, and maybe a couple of small changes, it is so close to being ready.

So thanks Steph!

Now, back to writing.

Enjoy your Friday!



Stephanie Dagg’s website can be found at http://edit-my-book.com/ 

She also has twitter, a blog and all sorts of great interesting tips and tricks to read about.


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My Book is being Edited…. And the Editor is…..


The editing of my book is underway…..


It was a tough decision who to pick to edit the book.

I narrowed it down to two editors, based on personal recommendation, and agreement they would edit a small sample, so I could see how they work.

I sent it along to both of them, and waited for it to come back.

The standard of work from both, was of a super high standard.

I sent the first two chapters, both of which I had been over and over and over, so as far as I was concerned they were perfect.


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My Book is Finished–An Emotional Rollercoaster.


Well, I am feeling kind of emotional right now.

I just completed the final draft of my book and am about to send it off to be edited.

This book has been on-going since November 2011, and has gone through four different drafts.

An emotional rollercoaster is an understatement.

I have laughed and cried. And even just today, I started laughing while I was crying.



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Creativity–Old School


Photo 26-02-2013 16 06 49I really like fountain pens. I would go as far as to say I LOVE fountain pens.

I love how they write, how they look and how they feel in the hand.

They have changed my writing experience immensely.


Now, I don’t always use my laptop, sometimes i just sit with a notebook and pen, and let my mind wander.


And that is what I did today…..

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New James Bond Novel Out in September



Just a quick Post!

I just saw the new James Bond novel is out in the UK on the 26th September.

It is being written, by request of the Fleming estate, by William Boyd.

It is going to be set in 1969, and feature a 45 year old bond.



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“Libraries are Doomed!” – Oh Deary, Deary, Deary.




Terry Deary, the author of the Horrible Histories books has come out and said Libraries are no longer needed.

No, seriously….an AUTHOR…who is saying we no longer need libraries!!


This is what he said:

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Has Roald Dahl become Roald Dull for children?





When I think back back to being a child, the one thing that always brings a smile to my face is Roald Dahl.

From whizzbangers to everlasting gobbstoppers. from snozzcumbers to bellypoppers, he took my childhood and turned it into a magical place.

A place where good giants blew dreams into your bedroom windows and saved you from nasty giants which would gobble you up.

Factories that created fantastical sweets filled with a new race of small people who sang songs as they worked. Witches who ran sweet shops, and children who were smarter and quicker than the “big” people that were out to get them.

But a recent survey has shown that Roald Dahl is no longer one of the favourite authors, with children favouring Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Vampires.

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